Thursday, October 30, 2014

Crafty people Series #14 - Melissa D'croz

I'm so happy to finally be able to introduce my cousin and her beautiful work in this crafty series. This is one post that was due I think 2 years ago, but something happened with the pictures I took, and so for the first time in the series, the pictures don't belong to me.

Melissa studied fashion design in Madrid, then did a master degree in accessories design, after that she moved to Florence (Italy) where she did more studies on leather goods and pattern making. Now a days you can find her teaching lots of leather workshops in Florence.

I really love the handmade quality of each of her products and her attention to the littlest of  details. I also think the leather weaving she does is simply out of this world. The pictures that follow are just a tiny glimpse of her wonderful work. To see more of her work check out the links below.

1. First Crafty Memory?
    My first memory is just using toilet paper rolls to make dolls.  I also remember doing cross
    stitch flowers with my mother.  I was very little.

2. Favorite Craft you've ever made?

    A purse I was working when I finished my studies. It involved a lot of techniques and also
    a lot of work. The result left me feeling really proud of what I was capable of doing.

3. Favorite material to work with?

    Obviously leather, a thick piece of natural (no dyes) leather. I love the smell and the color.

4. Inspiring words you like?

   "Persist, resist and never desist" it is actually my sister always saying it to me, but I think
    they are the perfect words for me.

5. Favorite Color?

    The color I tend to always gravitate towards is green, I really don't know why, everything 
    ends up being green.

6. Coffee or Tea?

    I love white tea with vanilla

7. Mountains or Beach?

    I like the beach but I think it has to do more with the heat, which is what I love

8. Where do you find inspiration?

     Things I see on the street. The bags doctors used to carry, or the back packs children   
     used to take to school, old bags, also books and movies.

9. What do you collect?

     I own lots of buddhas and also postcards

10. What do you like to make that you haven't yet?

       I would love to make something really big, like a traveling trunk with lots of compartments 
       to put  things in.

You can find her here, also on Facebook and Instagram

I hope you tune in next week for another exciting grateful giveaway!!
Have a great weekend,

Monday, October 27, 2014

As it isn't, it ain't

I love words. Perfect words that arrive at the perfect moment. Just when you need them. To make you laugh, lift you up, sometimes even cry. In one single instant you are transported somewhere else, to some other time or place. Most of the times they hit the right spot.

The above excerpt from Alice in Wonderland was such a case. It made me laugh and hit the right spot. It was perfect for me. It meant so much. It still does. I look at it and it makes me smile now.

 Obviously it needed to be embroidered. That's logic!!

I like it because it is so obvious and real to me right now, but then again, always if I think about it.
"If it were so, it would be; but as it isn't, it ain't." Quite simple really, don't you think?

This is where they all hang. If you want to take a closer look at them; here, here, here, and here.

Wishing you a beautiful week ahead,

Thursday, October 23, 2014

De Schoolmeester - Paper Mill in Holland

For the love of paper don't ask me why I didn't know of this place before, seriously don't. I only found about it last week when Lynne (whom I've never met) ask me on FB, if I knew were to find "zaansch bord." Of course I didn't, but loving all sorts of adventures and errands that take me "to infinity and beyond" I found myself here. 

This is seriously the most incredible place I've visited in a long time, and even if you're not crazy about paper (I couldn't think why, but OK), this place is worth the 20 mins ride from Amsterdam (by car), just to see a mill from 1692 (restored) and still running and making beautiful paper.

De Shoolmeester is the only paper mill here in Holland (there used to be 60)!! The paper they make is guaranteed that it is made from cotton, flax and water from the ditch and it air dried. Though he does not guaranteed the same colors because they vary through batches.

This mill belongs to "De Zaansche Molen" a windmill society who in 1920 rescued this and 19 other mills in the area.

**Beware there are many pictures, and not in order of how paper is made!!

I think I need to go back. I need to walk slower when I'm there, and I'm also missing some colors that for some reason I forget to buy (wink).

De Schoolmeester is locate at Guispad 3, 1551 SX Westzaan
It is open M-F from 10 to 4 and they charge 3.50euros
You can order paper by email:
They ship all over the world!!

Thank you Lynne, for showing me the way!

Wishing you a weekend filled with wonderful adventures,

Monday, October 20, 2014

Meeting Nathalie Lété at Villa Augustus

It is good to be back (but more on that at the bottom of this page**)!

This past saturday after reading here that one of my favorite illustrators/designers would be visiting Villa Augustus for a book launch and book signing  I got in the car (with my 13 year old) and headed to Dordrecht.

I've been one time before to Villa Augustus (see here) and couldn't wait to be back. Thankfully both times I've been there the weather has been just perfect, making this place even more magical.

I think having Nathalie Lété here to open room number 24 which has been converted into a gallery called Herfst (Autumn) was the perfect choice, and fit for this exhibition. Don't you agree?

It was so pretty that day. The food from the restaurant super delicious, and the conversations with my son too funny. I'm so happy I get to enjoy days like this one, and share them with him.

***so as I was saying… it is good to be back. sorry for taking longer, my kids are on vacation and that always interferes with my blogging enthusiasm (wink), but here is the news which in reality are not really news because it has been going on for awhile -the fact that we need to move because we can not afford Amsterdam anymore, the problem to the news is that we still don't know where to go or when to actually leave. it can pretty much happen any day. the day i wrote the post, it seemed that we would leave in december to stay at my mom's for sometime- for now i'm pretty much ignoring the uncertainty and going day to day (as i should) and i'm trying not to worry too much (trying).

I wish you a colorful week ahead filled with lots of inspiring moments,

Monday, October 6, 2014

Temporarily out of service

I have some very big news to announce, but  I'm still trying to digest them myself. I'm also trying to figure out which is the best way to say these particular news.

In my experience the best way to say something, is just saying it. I think a week will give me plenty of time to wrap myself around this imminent reality.

In the mean time I'll be trying to finish some things that I started awhile ago and enjoying this wonderful city.

Oh, 2014… you keep surprising me at every turn, you keep punching me in the stomach until there is no breath left!! (Fortunately the punching is not continuos).  So many things that I still need to learn! Oh, well…

One more piece of the puzzle will be placed in this rather enigmatic patchwork quilt that is my life.
For now I'll put my head out to grasp some air… until next week.

Hoping all is well on your end,
all the best,

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Street art in Cali - Colombia

One of the things I was not expecting from my trip home, was to find so much and so nice street art everywhere, albeit most of it was quite difficult to get to, but I managed somehow to catch these ones below. It has been awhile since I last posted pictures of street art. For some unknown reason it has stopped calling my attention, until now.

Unfortunately taking your iPhone out of your bag or pocket is a no, no in this part of the world, so I had to stop quickly for the pictures and I didn't manage to catch any names.

There were lots of resonating themes, mostly animals and a lot of social protest or inconformity towards the government (I couldn't get pictures of those), but I guess it is like that throughout the world. No one is ever happy with what they have.

I finally finished reading the book I mentioned in the last post and now I'm reading this one (after that strong subject matter i needed a much lighter one).  And for the first time ever I'm listening to an audio book. I haven't made up my mind if I like listening to books or not, it feels not right for some reason, but I do love her so much and all the books I've read from her, that I will keep on listening!

I hope you have a lovely weekend ahead,

Monday, September 29, 2014

Paper biennale in Rijswijk

I've mentioned a couple of times how great the paper love e-course was, right? One of the nicest things about it,  is a FB group with all the attendees. Lots of sharing, inspiration and a chance to see everyone's work.

Well, someone mentioned this exhibition and it seemed like a wonderful thing not to miss. Off I went (45 mins away from Amsterdam) to a town I've never heard off before.

It was simply amazing to be able to appreciate the bigger scale pieces, many of them mind blowing (in the sense of, how, how??).  It is paper after all, which I always tend to think of fragile. 

The museum is quite small, with a very beautiful old building on one side and a modern part on the other. Unfortunately it only has 2 big rooms (first 2 pictures) and I was left wanting to see much more than I did. 

Wade Kavanaugh & Stephen B. Nguyen
Richard Schipps
Andrée-Anne Dupuis-Bourret

Close up of the above piece - Little envelopes. Magnificent!!

Katrin Paul
I must say sorry as I forgot to write the name of each piece, but on the other hand I didn't forget the name of the artists (pheeww).

I hope you have a very creative week ahead. I plan on finishing this book that I have been postponing for such a long time (very heavy subject matter), but I love this author and can't recommend him enough.

All the best,
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